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WIRED isn’t just a book to read. It’s an experience. Reading this, you’ll engage with impactful teaching, ask introspective questions and have the tools to take what you learn into the relationships around you. Student pastors, parents and teenagers will love it!”

–Doug Fields, Student Ministry Veteran


“WIRED is the answer for the girls in my small group who are always asking for something that is easy to read but makes them think! I love that this devotional focuses on one Scripture reference and breaks it down into understandable bites for any student to digest.  By weaving questions throughout each daily devo, students are able to think through their personal lens rather than just reading and giving expected answers at the end of the section.  Also, the “Try This” at the end of each week allows them to see a tangible way for what they’ve been reading to be put into action.

—Kristie (Small Group Leader to High School Girls)

“I’m a mom of three teenagers, ages 13, 16 and 18. I’m always on the search for resources that will help them grow in their relationship with God. WIRED is definitely one of those resources! I was amazed at how Rodney and Sarah took such big God size truths and explained them in such simple and easy to understand ways. I wish every student (and parent) could be fortunate enough to read this devotional.”

—Autumn Ward (author of The Christmas Story, The Easter Story and whatisorange.com writer/thinker)



“WIRED is a great devotional for teenagers who want to know who God is, what He thinks about them, and how to live out their beliefs! And the great thing about what Rodney and Sarah have done is that they not only provide great and easy to understand information, but they also have made it interactive in a way that transcends the 5-10 minutes it takes to read each devotional.”

—Tim (Dad to three teenage boys)


One of the most challenging aspects of my job is to take very complex ideas about an infinite God and explain them in a way that is understood by the students I work with.  My goal is not to simplify God.  Instead I want to give a student the satisfaction of understanding something new about God and, at the same time, inspire more questions as they continue their lifelong pursuit of Him.  Rodney and Sarah have done a masterful job of doing both. WIRED is a great resource for your students.  Whether they are new to the faith or processing their childlike faith in new ways, WIRED will help.

—Tom Shefchunas (North Point Ministries Middle School Director)


“I love that this is such a practical way to challenge a student to connect with God in a way they may have not tried in previous devotionals. And as a small group leader and a parent I appreciate having a different voice in my students and kids lives emphasize the same truths I am teaching them!”

—Ben (Dad to middle and high school aged daughters; small group leader to high school boys)


“As someone who leads students, WIRED is the resource I’ve been waiting for! Not only is this devotional fun and relevant to teenagers, but your students will be challenged to take ownership of their faith along the way. Rodney and Sarah do an incredible job of managing the tension between going too deep and not deep enough. If you lead students, whether you’re a student pastor or volunteer, you have to get WIRED! Like, right now.”

—Darren (Student Pastor)


What People Are Saying

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Rodney Anderson:

Rodney Anderson is a pastor, a writer, and a communicator who has spent 15 years in full-time ministry. He is the Multi-Campus Director of Singles at North Point Ministries, located near Atlanta, Georgia. He also partners with Orange to develop curriculum for middle and high school students. Rodney lives in Roswell, Georgia, with his wife, Sarah, his two boys, Asher and Pace, and absolutely, positively no cats. You can keep up with Rodney on Twitter: @rodney_anderson

Sarah Anderson:

Sarah Anderson is a writer and communicator who has been involved in ministry since 2003. In 2007, she joined Orange as a lead writer and content creator for XP3 High School curriculum. She is also a contributing writer to the Parent Cue blog. Sarah lives in Roswell, Georgia, and is a big fan of her husband, her two boys, Asher and Pace, and, in her weaker moments, McDonald’s French fries. You can keep up with Sarah on Twitter: @sarahb_anderson

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